All This Love

All This Love
February 14, 2014
Melodic Soul Entertainment
Producer: Bizness Boi
Number of discs: 1

What we achieved with this music video

I debuted “All This Love” as my first debut single to solidify my artistry. It was the epitome of my growth and development and signified a point in my life of self discover. For this reason, I vowed to ensure that my creativity was injected in every piece of work that touched the fans. Furthermore, I believe that it’s the responsibility of the artist to bare their heart and soul to their audience. I poured a lot of my personal experiences into recording this song, writing the treatment to the music video, and being my own critic to perfect it. My team not only made the song & music video a success with listeners, but also excelled at getting the video placement on MTV and their networks. Equally important, I had built such a great and powerful creative team in the process.

The process of creativity…

Of course, I was excited when we had initially planned to shoot the music video for “All This Love”. I had to depend on entire creative team to pull this off. First, I had to plan out my own vision and translate it into a treatment for onscreen play. Second we acquired logistics for travel, makeup, and filming. We shot for 3 days and the music video shoot took us home to the my roots in New Orleans. My goal for the production was capturing the haunting feel of the song in our music video. The story follows a young man looking for love in all the wrong places. Nevertheless, he finds an alluring young girl with a dark secret. He finds himself immersed in a dark love that changes him at the end. I hope you all enjoy watching the video!

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